Our Group “Cordão de Ouro” was founded in 1967 by Mestre Suassuna and Mestre Brasilia. Reinaldo Ramos Suassuna, known as Mestre Suassuna, was born in Bahia, Brazil in 1938 in Ilhéus and raised in Itabuna. He started to practice Capoeira in the beginning of the 1950s against his will, and due to a handicap in his legs, the doctor recommended that he get involved in a sport that was not football.


Mestre Suassuna states that he did not like Capoeira at at the start because he had difficulty learning the ginga and lacking the rhythm to sing. With time he started to enjoy Capoeira so much that he began to take his training seriously, at which point his mother thought he was sick or ill.

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    When Mestre Suassuna started Capoeira he did not fix himself to a group, but rather learned to love Capoeira as a whole, irrespective of whether it was Angola or Regional. Meeting people from the Academies of Mestre Bimba and Mestre Pastinha. He took part in presentations in Salvador, Brazil with Mestre Canjiquinha, Mestre Gato, Mestre Caiçara all of which served as an excellent base for developing his work and arriving to where he is today: international recognition.

    At the beginning of the 1960s, Mestre Suassuna shone in Bahia with his Capoeira shows and received many invitations from other states and abroad. In 1965 he left Bahia for São Paulo – the land of rain, with the intention of opening an academy and succeeding in a life of Capoeira.

    The mission was to develop Capoeira as folklore and a sport. At the beginning this would prove very hard; he was far from his friends, working various jobs and had financial difficulties. After a lot of struggle, he met some people from Itabuna that took him to Ze Freita’s Academy, in São Paulo, Brazil. This is where he met Brasilia. In 1967, together with Brasilia, he founded the group “Capoeira Cordão de Ouro”.

    Today, Mestre Suassuna is dearly liked and respected. He is proud to see that his group’s work is well structured and full of creativity, with members and groups all over the world, including the cities Manchester and Liverpool in the UK. His many achievements include various presentations, the recording of four compact discs, the directing of the Show Group of Cordão de Ouro, the creation and development of the “Miudinho Game” and the conducting of workshops and seminars in several states in Brazil and around the world.

Parente moved to Belo Horizonte for a year and trained with Mestre Zé Paulo in Santa Lucia favela. He lived in the academy and gave classes to the children there. In 1999-2000 he moved to São Paulo to train with Mestre Sarara, a student of Mestre Suassuna.


Parente came to the UK in November 2002 and in doing so started the groups in Manchester and Liverpool in the North West. In the October of 2003 Cordão De Ouro Manchester and Liverpool held their first Batizado attracting many guests from all over the world including Brazil and the USA! Parente is well known and respected worldwide for his Capoeira, hard work, energy and fantastic personality and has travelled to many different countries to teach in Capoeira workshops including most of Western Europe as well as Israel, Siberia and Indonesia.


Parente’s talent and dedication to teaching and playing Capoeira was awarded in January 2013 at the Capoeirando event, where he was awarded the Mestre belt by Mestre Suassuna, the founder of Cordão De Ouro!

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    Since Parente arrived in the UK the Manchester and Liverpool Cordão De Ouro Group has grown from strength to strength whilst retaining its social, friendly, inviting and encouraging roots. Parente is involved in Capoeira outside of the regular Manchester and Liverpool classes including teaching at Edge Hill University as part of the dance degree syllabus and working with schools and dance colleges in the North West of England.

    Mestre Parente has also appeared on TV and been involved in many high profile shows and performances including The “All Star Talent Show” on Channel Five, Troca Brahma events with Famous Brazilian actor and musician Seu Jorge, Selfridges, KPMG , Liverpool Carnival, Zeitgeist Capoeira Documentary, Bem Brazil, Hilton Hotels, Hi-Life and for charities including Oxfam and MAG International. Parente has also performed in many shows with his close friends Mestre Poncianinho of Mojuba London, Mestre Casquinha of Apeiara Cyprus and Mestre Papa-Leguas of Cordão De Ouro Patos de Minas.

    Parente and the Cordão De Ouro group of Manchester and Liverpool are available for shows and workshops and you should use the contact us form to enquire further.




Capoeira was created by African slaves in Brazil in the 17th Century as a form of self defence hidden in dance.


Today Capoeira is taught in Academies, Schools, Universities as as Social Projects all over the world!


Capoeira is now recognised as a Brazilian Cultural Heritage(IPHAN, 2008), and as a World Heritage Artform (UNESCO, 2014).

For All!

Practiced by Children, Teens, Men, Women, Elderly and People with Disabilities, Capoeira truly is for everyone!

Improve your coordination, flexibility and strength.

Training involves aerobic and anaerobic for a more complete development.

Each Capoeira class can burn up to 700 calories!

Capoeira is very social, helping to improve inter-personal connections and socialisation skills

One of the main benefits is a large boost to confidence of our students.

Capoeira also improves self discipline, important for all walks of life!

Capoeira involves creativity, and uses the body to create a dialogue

with movements being influenced by the rythm of the instruments.

Practitioners participate in music and dance workshops incorporating many facets of Brazilian culture!